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We are 100% volunteer 501c3 organization that is dedicated to provide smiles, support and free new, specially made cowboy and cowgirl hats to boys and girls across America with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.


It is our belief that there is nothing more precious than a child’s smile. We have found that cowboy hats help create those beautiful smiles. It is our belief that a cowboy hat is still a symbol of bravery, honor and now with your help, compassion.

"There are no words

to tell you guys how

much we appreciate

what you did for Eli."  

- Annie, mom of a great kid  who received a hat through the request -a-hat program         

"because every kid wants to be a cowboy or cowgirl"

Next Visits:

3/19- Children's Medical Center Dallas

3/25- Phoenix Children's Hospital

13,500 kids are diagnosed with pediatric cancer each year in the United States. That is about one classroom filled each and every day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to one day provide every kid with a hat and a smile.


We work with child-life specialist in Children's Medical Centers and Hospitals across the country to coordinate our visits. In our visits, we shape each and every hat. We also visit with the kids and their parents in playrooms and often go room to room in the oncology departments and ICU.

We now offer a Request-a-Hat program where we can provide a new hat to child. All one has to do is fill out the short form and we will send it out completely for free.


In early 2019, we opened our new office location in Rhome, TX. We've seen the smiles and the impact this program can have on a child.

With your help, we will continue to grow. 

Latest News:​   Introducing the Request A Hat Program

Cowboys Who Care Foundation Launches Request A Hat Program Because Every Kid Wants to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl 

Fort Worth, Texas (Mar. 30, 2019) – Do you know a child battling cancer or a life-threatening illness? Be a champion of the cause, Cowboys Who Care Foundation (CWCF) seeks to reach more children as it launches its Request A Hat program. Cowboys Who Care Foundation, founded by comedian William Lee Martin and wife, Michele Martin have delivered more than 8,000 cowboy hats to boys and girls during hospital visits across the country and now, the nonprofit wants to take it a step further.


The Request a Hat program is an opportunity to let CWCF know about a kid in your town who could use a cowboy hat. “It is our belief that there is nothing more precious than a child’s smile,” said CWCF co-founder, Michele Martin. “Cowboy hats are still a symbol of bravery, honor and now with the help from our supporters, compassion.” The cowboy comedian brings laughs by night to his fans and smiles by day to kids since 2011 when the 501(c)3 nonprofit began traveling to children’s hospitals across the country providing emotional support, smiles and free cowboy hats to children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. It all began with a young girl named Ashley Miller.


In 2010, comedian William Lee Martin was asked to perform at Miller’s charity golf tournament that benefited her battle against a rare form of cancer. A year later, Martin received the news that Miller lost her battle. The impact of the news weighed heavily on Martin and made him want to take-action and help other kids just like her. “After Ashley lost her battle, I knew I needed to help other kids just like her. I started searching images of kids with cancer and saw their big beautiful smiles and bald heads. And in the mirror, I could see my cowboy hat and it hit me, these kids need cowboy hats.”


Thanks to the foundation’s first and largest supporter, Resistol, the cowboy hats are the real deal. At the very beginning, Resistol provided thousands of hats for FREE that included 10 to 15 different styles. The company also went the extra mile to customize these hats by developing a special comfort fit liner for the children that helps with scalp sensitivity.


Help us reaffirm the strength and bravery these children have by visiting our website and filling out the Request a Hat form. For more information on Cowboys Who Care Foundation and how you can support their cause at CLICK TO REQUEST

© 2021 by Cowboys Who Care. 

600 S. Main St., Suite 200

Rhome, TX 76078